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Measuring Up

Measuring up  for furniture guide                              Tape Measure

You can find the dimensions of your chosen piece of furniture in the product description. As the majority of our furniture products are delivered fully assembled it is essential that you measure the access points the item will need to travel.

Make sure that your chosen piece of furniture fits into your space physically and visually

The best way to get a feel for the space a piece of furniture will take in a room is to use masking tape to mark out the area. This will help you to visualise the piece of furniture in your home.

Allow enough space to move around freely. Take care in dining areas, you will need at least 60cm for the dining chair from the dining table. This will allow for comfortable seating. Don't forget to leave room for drawers and doors to open.

When refurnishing a whole room choose the largest piece of furniture first and work around this. To maximise the space you have, consider tall units for alcoves.

Check the whole passage way the piece of furniture will need to take

You will need to ensure that the furniture will pass through all points along the route from the delivery van to the chosen space in your home. Please think about any immovable objects along the path like radiators, light fixings and banisters.

Remember to measure doorways. Tall wardrobes and bookcases often have to be turned at an angle to get through.

Please note this is a guide and doesn't guarantee your chosen piece of furniture will fit.