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Cloud Memory Foam King Mattress


Improve your sleep and comfort with a new mattress. Whether you are looking for memory form, gel, traditional or pocket spring we have a mattress for you.

Choosing the right mattress

Wide range of mattresses to choose from. Memory foam, latex, reflex foam and traditional spring mattresses.

Latex Mattresses

Latex, developed by Talalay, provides you with a great nights sleep. Latex mattresses retain shape and help keep you cool throughout the night. 

Memory Foam Mattresses

Find the perfect sleeping position with a memory foam mattress. Following the outline of your body to give you a comfortable and supported sleeping position. Relieving pressure points and improving blood circulation for a better nights sleep.

Reflex Foam Mattresses

High density foam mattresses provide you with a firmer mattress. A great choice for those suffering from back problems or just like a really firm mattress.

Provide orthopaedic support when used with a divan base or a bed frame. 

Spring Mattresses

We supply both Bonnell and Pocket spring system mattresses. Some of our spring mattresses have a layer of memory foam or reflex foam on the top for extra comfort.

Key features in many of our mattresses

Edge to edge support to reduce the chance of rolling off.

Hypoallergenic and anti- dust mite. Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. 

Orthopaedic quality.

Zip off cover that can be dry cleaned.

Soft, medium and firm mattress options.

All of our mattresses are made in the UK.

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