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Create Your Ideal Home Office

Create your ideal home office space

For many different reasons more and more of us are working from home.

Working from home can bring flexibility and improved performance to your job role. The problems you can face once you have decided to work from home are:
  • Do you really want to turn the dining table into an office desk?
  • Do you have a dedicated room to work from?
  • Where to hide everything away at the end of the day?
  • How to separate home and work life?
  • How to deal with visitors during working hours?

Once you have decided to work from home, organising a dedicated work area for yourself is the next step. You will need to decide whether to give up a whole room or to create space within a room.

Creating space in another area of your home

Where to place your desk?

Need to work from home but don’t have a designated room. The ideal solution is a beautifully crafted hidden home office desk. Hidden home office furniture is designed to blend in to your room. The hidden home office is suitable for use in many living areas, including your living room, dining room and bedroom.

Our hidden computer desks are designed to co ordinate with your existing furniture. The desks have been specifically designed to house computer equipment with pull out computer keyboards and pre drilled cable access. The two drawer filing cabinets are the same height as the hidden home office desks providing extra work space and providing plenty of storage. The filing cabinets have rails fitted ready to hold suspension files helping you to keep your work organised.

The advantage of the hidden computer desks is that at the end of the day everything is neatly hidden behind closed doors. Helping you too create a work life balance. If your computer is left out as you walk passed it can be all too tempting to check for email or just finish a piece of work.

The smaller hidden home office is designed to look like a sideboard. The larger hidden home office solutions look like traditional writing desks; both are available with matching filing cabinets.

The La Roque Range is ideal if you are working from home and have traditional decor. Mobel oak range has matching dining and living room furniture making it a great choice for multi functional rooms.

Easily separate work time and home time by tidying away all your work related equipment and files into hidden desk/storage space. Make room’s multi functional and get more use out of spare and formal rooms.

It can take a lot of dedication and commitment to work from home. Having a designated work area that can then be hidden away can help you to separate home life from work. Helping you to keep your work organised and in one place.

Using a dedicated room as a home office

If you have the space turning a room, garage or loft space in to a dedicated home office can give you extra space for office equipment and storage. A dedicated room gives you the added luxury of being able to choose a larger desk, extra filing cabinets and bookcases.

At the end of the day you can close the door on your office space without having to tidy everything away. When choosing your desk you will have the option of office desks, purposely designed computer desk with cable access holes and a pull out computer keyboard or a traditional writing desk.

How to deal with visitors during working hours

Once family and friends know you are working from home, it and can be all too convenient for them to pop in during the day. If you find family members and friends calling round during working hours you will need to be up front and let them know that you are not available between those times.

If other members of the family are home during working hours it can be lovely to join in with family life when you’re having a coffee break. However they need to be able to know when you are working and need to be left alone. If you have a separate room to work from a sign for the door can be an easy solution.

If you are working from the living room, kitchen or dining room and family members are at home during the day you will need to set ground rules as to when it is and isn't acceptable to interrupt you.